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In the near future war reigns and the world is divided. In shadowy rooms fates of millions are decided, as science catapults the industrial military complex and humanity to the brink. Human cloning of dead soldiers, although illegal, is rampant and must be stopped. Enter special task force NSA-CIA trained assassin Matt Napier. His job is to conceal and cover up the existence of cloning from the public at all costs.


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The Marauder is a sci-fi series that tells the story of a young boy, Jack Sharpe, living on Earth hundreds of years after a great cataclysm that has decimated civilization as we know it. Most of the population has since left and colonized other worlds in the solar system. Those left behind have dedicated themselves to a life of labor and hardship to revitalize Earth's ecosystem. Jack did not ask and does not want this life, and dreams of escaping to explore space, a notion that is greatly frowned upon in present social circles. He resigns to remain stuck on Earth, until fate steps in one day and he stumbles upon the vehicle for his dreams to take flight, literally. He finds a spacecraft, buried underneath a forbidden beach's sand, now an ancient relic of the last great war on Earth. This Marauder-class spacecraft is his for the taking, and his destiny becomes clear. As his adventure begins on the most industrialized and urbanized colonies on one of Jupiter's moons, Jack finds out there are more challenges ahead as he tries to get a grasp on an ancient unknown technology, gain allies and explore his new chosen fate.